The Program

All services fall under the national curriculum of the Early Years Learning Framework. The framework describes early childhood as 3 stages:

The vision of the EYLF is that learning occurs in a play based style that is engaging and allows children to succeed in life.

Educators use the framework to plan and implement experiences for your child and evaluate the outcomes of this learning in consultation with the EYLF.

Individual needs are catered for as each child’s development is closely monitored and further planning designed to maximise your child’s potential.

Educators pay particular attention to the areas of the framework so that your child develops:

We welcome you to discuss your child’s development with their educators to plan meaningful and appropriate programs for your child.

We strive to provide an inclusive, safe and accommodating environment for all children and the Early Childhood Australia - Code Of Ethics underpins that notion. Early Childhood Australia - Code of Ethics

Munch & Move is a key component of our program with daily saturation of their teachings.

Red Nose provides guidelines for safe sleep practices for educators and families. Safe Sleeping Guide for Parents

The service respects and opertates under the National Quality Framework. We self assess ourselves against the National Quality Standard. We are regulated under the National Regulations.